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Securing Air Liquide's artificial respirators

In response to the completely unprecedented health crisis in France, the 4 companies of the Linksy group have formed a united front to implement extraordinary measures since March 17th. Our goal has been clear from the beginning: to protect the health of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities, and more… The Group’s sister companies have continued their respective activities in order to ensure that our high quality of service is maintained. After several years of collaboration with the group Air Liquide, the Linksy Group met the challenge of coating screws for the manufacture of artificial respiration devices to assist in the nation-wide effort to fight the virus.  This production demand has further reinforced the ties between the Group and its customer.  

THE ORDER FOR AIR LIQUIDE: A one-time order for screws was placed by one of our clients to assist in the production of artificial respirators in order to save the lives of Coronavirus patients.

In the last few weeks, Soprima Industrie produced and delivered 150,000 coated screws to fulfil this order.   This equipment is crucial, particularly in the context of the current health crisis, to equip French hospitals. The screws pre-coated by Soprima ensure the reliability of the anti-loosening function: medical equipment is subjected to major stresses and strict requirements (vibration, tightness, etc.).

These medical devices’ assemblies loosen due to impacts, vibrations, and thermal expansion.  To secure the assemblies and prevent unwanted loosening, Soprima’s pre-coated screws are the most effective solution, which is why Air Liquide chose to rely on our reactiveness and expertise. THE LINKSY GROUP RISES TO THE CHALLENGE: The 4 companies of the Linksy Group, Foubert, Inserco, Prelok and Soprima, worked together to urgently produce these patched parts. Foubert is well-known in France for its expertise in the trading and supply of screws, bolts and fasteners of all kinds.

Inserco specializes in inserts for plastic and sheet metal, fasteners and innovative assembly systems. Prelok specializes in large-batch pre-coating, with over 120 million parts treated each year. Finally, Soprima is specialized in the pre-coating of threaded or smooth parts and in the contract packing of industrial products.

Each company put its expertise to work for the manufacture of respirators. Air Liquide produces two types of respirators in its workshops: in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), they manufacture devices for home use, for chronic respiratory illnesses; and in Antony (Hauts-de-Seine), heavy hospital devices. Thanks to the synergy between these 4 companies, and their respective areas of expertise, we were able to completely meet Air Liquide‘s expectations in terms of safety, mechanical quality and robustness.  

OPPORTUNITIES: This difficult period will help us come together to face great challenges. To quote Winston Churchill, « A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty ». With this in mind, the Linksy Group will rise to the challenge.

We are optimistic about the future. Let’s prepare for it together.