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A Linksy Group company

Soprima Industrie specialises in the pre-coating of locking and sealing products

Our expertise is based on many years of experience in the field of assembly.
We have developed partnerships with the leading manufacturers of products : 3M, Precote, Threebond… to meet all types of application.
We develop relevant and innovative assembly solutions in collaboration with your Design Offices, from the creation of specifications to the delivery of complete fastening solutions.

Application of locking and sealing products for safe and efficient assemblies

Pre-coating consists of applying a special product to the threaded or smooth part of a cylindrical part, which will be activated when the part is assembled by screwing or press-fitting.

The advantages of pre-coating :
  • Flawless quality of the solution 
  • Replaces standard screws and bolts without redesigning the assembly
  • Technical control
  • Significant reduction in assembly costs 
sealing and locking

On all types of parts

Pre-coating can be applied to several types of parts:

  • Thread locking on screws
  • Pre-coating on special parts
  • Sealing of sensors, plugs, etc.
  • Braking on micro-screws
  • Pre-coating of nuts
  • Sealed rivets
  • Sealed pins and studs…
Without pre-coating
With pre-coating
Since 1970

We work with

Automotive industry

More than 40% of our turnover comes from the automotive sector, with applications in all vehicle compartments.

Aerospace industry

We work with design offices and R&D departments to develop solutions for the aerospace, defence and security industries.

Electronics industry

We find solutions for the mechanical strength of small screws, the sealing of casings, electrical conductivity, etc.

Luxury goods industry

We work with leading luxury brands to secure the assembly of their products: watches, glasses, handbags, etc.

Ensuring optimum quality

Our quality system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001 and meets the specific requirements of the automotive and aerospace industries. Our in-house machinery enables us to process all types of parts, from small to very large series.

By relying on our Linksy Group, which specialises in assembly solutions