Our expertise, unique in France, is based on the evolution of our technique to specific and complex applications in which we are involved from the design stage or R&D.
We use several depose processes and a wide range of products to meet a wide variety of applications:
– Threads purposes or standards S0.7 to M30 and up to 2 ” conical
– Crude steel parts or coated, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, titanium, precious metals,
– Multiple finishing: galvanized, polished …
– High temperature resistant up to 200 ° C peak
– Resistance to oils, fuels and other fluids
– Low friction coefficients and for certain compliants products with automotive standards
– Approval by French and foreign car manufacturers.

Micro screws

Small screws

Standard screws

Axles & studs

Plugs & connectors

Screws & inserts for plastics

Tubes & press fits parts

Nuts & hollow parts

Clinch parts