How do you guarantee the assembly of your high-end leather goods ?

Watches, glasses, handbags, mobile phones,… all these objects are subjected to vibrations and shocks which “naturally” lead to the loosening of screw-fastened assemblies. 

What can be done about it ? 

Pre-coating braking ensures a controlled and discreet application for these fashion products. 

It is possible to apply a securing solution using a micro-encapsulated adhesive or re-adjustable via polyamide resin to allow the reuse of the fastening by the customer. The look and feel of the visible parts can be preserved with case-by-case treatments. 


Soprima worked closely with a customer who manufactures metal parts for leather goods to secure its assembly solution, in particular to limit the risk of it becoming unscrewed.


The objective was, first of all, to define the tightening torques to be applied (overly vigorous screwing damaged the small screws, particularly at the level of the cavity), then to recommend a suitable drive method (Torx cavity), and then to propose the most appropriate product to apply.

After several tests within Soprima and in a particular context, we recommended the application of a micro-encapsulated braking solution 3M 2510.

This solution enabled our client to achieve the required performance without breaking the screw.


From technical support in recommending assembly resistance to the adaptation of a product application process, we were able to offer an innovative solution guaranteeing the resistance of the assembly.


The synergy between the sister companies of the Linksy group has enabled us to provide a complete solution: screw + pre-deposited braking solution + special packaging… and technical advice!