Pre-coating Solution


What is Pre-coating ?

Pre-coating consists in applying on a cylindrical threaded or smooth component a special product which is activated when the part is assembled or press-fitted.

The products used are of different types:

– Micro-encapsulated locking products
– Sealing products
– Polyamide Patch
– Anti-seizing products


Advantages of Pre-coating are various:

Pre-coating products are applied in a liquid form via different processes: dipping, pouring or brushing. Once they have been applied, the coated parts are steamed to eliminate the solvent and to obtain a smooth and dry film.
The life shelf of the parts is between 1 and 4 years.
Soprima Industries has available special brushing machines enabling to coat a large palette of smooth, threaded parts. Our equipment is adapted to deal with small, medium and large series.

Pre-application advantages:

– High Quality Solutions
– Superior performance of pre-coating products
– Precise production processes
– Reduction of the assembly cost
– Deleting of health and security problems


 Today Pre-coating covers a wide area of applications:

– Thread locking
– Thread sealing
– Press fit bonding
– Provisional positioning
– Vibration secure
– Anti-corrosion
– Anti-seizing
– Anti-friction solution

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