Anti-seize function

Threads galling generates high costs in industry.
Galling when screwing is due to overheating of fixations when screwing is too fast. This phenomena reduces the productivity at  time of installation, as well on assembly lines as on construction sites. furthermore, if the fastener is sized up, the operation of restoration is long and expensive.
Galling when functioning is also a problem. The assembled parts become impossible to remove without destroying a part of the fasteners.
The anti-seize pre-coating solutions are imperative in the industry by their economic advantages and by their ease of use.
Galling phenomena is present in various situations:
Galling when screwing at time of installation of threaded part.
Cold welding corrosion under vibration constraints.
Rust in severe environment.
To prevent galling during assembly, we apply a dry film lubricant on the threads in order to reduce the coefficient of friction.
To get the anti-seize function, we use a dry and tack-free lubricant which prevents from galling under high temperature (up to 700°C) and under high pressure. The pre-coating allows the control of screwing (low coefficient of friction) and an easy disassembly.


Avoid galling problems when screwing.
Allows high speed screwing on stainless steel screws / stainless steel nuts assemblies.
Control of the layer thickness, even in holes. Particularly useful for sensors and electronic components.
Allows easy dismantling after high constraints such as : high temperature, high pressure, aggressive atmosphere, vibrations…
Control of the technical parameters.
Particularly qualitative solution because it is integrated to the part.
Reduce the installation costs in workshop or construction site.


MacDermidENSEAL 26ClearAnti-seize while screwing
precotePrecote top 100 ClearAnti-seize while screwing
precotePrecote 709Dark greyAnti-seize in use


Our processes are ISO 9001 certified and fulfill specific requirements in the automotive industry.


Our products are approved according to many standards:

Renault CDC 39.02.010
PSA B14.12.35
DIN 267-27
IFI 25/525
BS 7795
GM 6175
FORD WX200 & 201