Locking by bonding function

To secure a screw assembly, it is not enough to screw on the screw or bolt and then tighten it to the recommended tension. It is also necessary to use a threading locking mechanism to prevent undesired loosening due to vibrations, impact or thermal expansion.
There are many different techniques, but the most common involves placing a drop of thread lock (anaerobic adhesive) on the threading of the threaded mounting hardware: screws, nuts, dowels, threaded stems, stoppers…
This is an efficient thread lock solution as it can be used to glue both parts of the assembly, but it is costly to implement and results may vary.
Liquid thread lock has therefore been replaced, for many applications, by threading pre-coated with adhesive.
This technique involves pre-coating the threaded hardware with a microencapsulated adhesive that only activates during assembly. When the screw or bolt is tightened, the adhesive released by the bursting of the microcapsules mixes with the hardening agent and glues the threaded parts together like a traditional thread lock.
Light thread lock (equivalent to blue thread lock) that can be repositioned several times can also be obtained by depositing a polyamide on the threads of the threaded hardware: More information on the reusable locking function 


The pre-coated fasteners replace the common thread locking solutions thanks to utmost technical performances and economical advantages:
Excellent performances: excellent resistance against vibrations
Easy conception: replaces standard screws without a re-conception of the assembly
Rapid assembly: no need of a washer nor adhesive
Technical control: the deposed volume of the pre-coating product on the assembly is always the same
Excellent quality: no omission possible of the coating process
Important reduction of the assembly costs: high productivity in workshop and on construction site
Suppression of the hygienic and security problems due to the fluid adhesives


The pre-coating products that we apply come from long partnerships with many manufacturers.
Suppliers Product Color Fonctions
soprifix SO21B Dark blue High strength
soprifix SO22R Orange High strength
3m 3M 2510 Orange Low strength and sealing
3m 3M 2353 Dark blue High strength
precote Precote 30 Yellow Low strength and sealing
precote Precote 80 Green or Pink High strength
precote Precote 85 Turquoise High strength


Our processes are ISO 9001 certified and fulfill specific requirements in the automotive industry.


Our products are approved according to many standards:

Renault CDC 39.02.010
PSA B14.12.35
DIN 267-27
IFI 25/525
BS 7795
GM 6175
FORD WX200 & 201